Key projects


In 2013, Uranium: Geology, Mining, Economics, written by the company’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board Vadim Jivov, Uranium One Inc. Vice President Alexander Boytsov, and Atomredmetzoloto Consultant for Subsurface Management Mikhail Shumilin, was published with the support of Uranium One Holding as part of an effort to raise the profile of uranium mining and build an industry knowledge base in Russia.

Uranium: Geology, Mining, Economics covers all phases of the first stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium exploration and mining to reclamation.

Special attention is given to the efficient development of uranium mining businesses as well as the global market for natural uranium.

In 2013, Uranium One Holding also financed the publication of the book The Hot ‘Cold War’’. Written by Chief Research Scientist of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Science Vladimir Shubin, the text explores the political evolution of Southern African nations from the 1960s through to the 1990s.



Working alongside local authorities, Uranium One Inc. provides financial assistance to low-income families, veterans, orphans, and the disabled.

Developing infrastructure (wells, power lines, etc.) in nearby settlements as well as medical and educational services financing are provided from the funds of Holding’s enterprises paid under obligations under license agreements.

Key projects in 2014:

  • Uranium One staff's participation in the Courage to be First charity marathon, with funds raised to equip a new Child Cancer Unit at the Paediatric and Paediatrics Surgery Research Centre, and support children who need emergency healthcare services.
  • Participation in Bolashak: Let's Make Dreams Come True initiative saw the Company pay vocational education program fees for two of the Baganashil orphanage students and offer scholarships to nine of its graduates.
  • Employees purchasing, at their own expense, giſts for children with special needs on the Children's Day to support Zhardem: Care for Everyone project.




Within the Mkuju River project, Mantra Tanzania (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mantra Resources Pty Limited, the stock of which is managed by Uranium One Holding) is engaged in a range of activities as part of its program for corporate social responsibility. The company supports:

  • educational initiatives and raising awareness of the Mkuju River project in the community
  • anti poaching initiatives
  • health programs
  • sporting events
  • cultural activities

Key projects in 2014:

  • Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, which underpins the intention of both parties to cooperate closely in combating elephant poaching in the southern part of the Selous Game Reserve.
  • Collaborating with READ International to refurbish and buy books for a secondary school library in the Namtumbo District.
  • Supporting training programmes for students of the Namtumbo District to prepare them for work in mining and related industries.
  • Taking actions to raise local awareness of the Mkuju River project and delivering on various environmental activities.


Anti-poaching cooperation

A key corporate social responsibility initiative of the company is long-term cooperation with Tanzanian authorities on an anti-poaching project in the Selous Game Reserve national park, which is located near the Mkuju River project site and is on UNESCO World Heritage list.

Since the launch of its anti-poaching initiative in 2013, Mantra has provided funding to train and equip 20 game wardens, who regularly patrol the assigned area of 20,000 km2 adjacent to the Mkuju River project site. Aerial surveillance of the area using unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with night vision cameras, GPS navigation, and video transmitters is also in place.

In 2014, Mantra Tanzania and the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of National Resources and Tourism signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which calls for both sides to continue close cooperation in this area.

The MOU establishes a committee composed on a parity basis and responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring all joint anti-poaching programs, as well as for liaising with stakeholders. The parties have agreed that Mantra will invest USD 800,000 in 2014 in anti-poaching activities.

Further programs will be developed and approved annually



Uranium One Inc.’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in the United States is aimed at fostering relations with local communities in the host regions, particularly in Wyoming.

Uranium One Inc. provides targeted support to a number of local social and charitable initiatives. We give priority to social infrastructure projects aimed at education, medicine, sports, and providing support to the disadvantaged.

Uranium One employees are directly involved in prioritizing these charitable activities.

Key projects in 2014:

  • Supporting, jointly with the Wyoming Community Foundation, the Converse County Sheriff's Office in setting up a K-9 unit.
  • Cooperating with Bison Bakers in supporting Buffalo High School students and its initiatives.
  • Providing support to several local charity initiatives related to healthcare, including Komen Wyoming, Converse Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions.
  • Providing support to several local culture projects and organizations.


Uranium One's corporate social responsibility initiatives are primarily aimed at developing local infrastructure, fostering relations with local communities and implementing educational programs.